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Export your catalog to the platform RAKUTEN

  • Council for the creation of the account
  • Creating your file catalog to the training required
  • Customization of your price, announcements, etc.
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For the moment, this service is no longer available. 

Indeed, we consider the selling RAKUTEN platform unreliable. 

Management announcements, customer returns management, global management is a former time. 

The customer service is slow, and inefficient.

In addition, each sale generated, you should wait minimum 30 days prior to receiving fundsIf the customer has not validated the receipt of the product. 

Compared to eBay, or Amazon, or CraigslistRAKUTEN is very far behind, and there are many flaws. 

The only advantage, it's that RAKUTEN regularly offers promotions for customers, and this can still bring visitors to fall on your products.

We advise against you this platform: you will lose more time managing sales, customers, returns, and catalog send mass is poorly managed.

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