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Our services can be found here, for boost your profits.
We offer you, for example:
-service"Boost SEO". Ideal to improve the SEO of your site.
-service"boost SEA". This is essential if you want to offer your products on Google Shopping, for example.
-service"boost Amazon". We send your catalog on Amazon France, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK.
-service"boost eBay". We create you your store on eBay, and export manually, all your products.
-service"boost Cdiscount MarketPlace / boost Fnac Market"etc. Ideal to gain even more visibility!

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Export your catalog to Google product search

À partir de Price €199.00

Google shopping will allow you to gain visibility
Export your products to Google product search:

  • Configuration of your account Google Shopping (Merchant Center and Google Adwords)
  • Export manual your catalog 
  • Customization of your catalogue (addition of keyword, change of name, or description etc.)

Export your catalog to Bing Shopping

À partir de Price €199.00

Bing Shopping (or Bing Ads) will allow you to gain visibility
Export your products to Bing Shopping :

  • Create your account Google Shopping (Merchant Center and Google Adwords)
  • Export MANUAL your catalog
  • Customization of your catalogue

Export your catalog to Facebook

À partir de Price €399.00

Exporting your products on the page Facebook of your past visitors. 
This will allow you to raise them until he realized his purchase!
We take care of: 

  • The configuration of your account Manager Facebook 
  • The installation of the Facebook pixel
  • Export of your catalog on Facebook Manager 
  • Automatic planning of updates of your catalog from your online store
  • An advertising campaign for the revival of basket 

Export your catalog to Amazon

À partir de Price €499.00

Amazon became the sales platform No. 1 in the world, and sell on Amazon is essential! 
Widely used by sellers "Drop-ship".
You can gain visibility and bring customers just by exposing your products on Amazon, with your brand. 
We take care of: 

  • The configuration of your Amazon Business account 
  • The creation of your file catalog to Amazon
  • Customization of your catalogue (add a margin on prices to fill for example commission fees)
  • Sale on the 5 countries (subject to eligibility): Spain, Italy, France, UK, Germany

Export your catalog to eBay

À partir de Price €99.00

Add your products on eBay to increase your chances of getting sales. 
Ideal and indispensable for the dropshipping.

  • Create your eBay catalog 
  • Setting up your eBay store
  • Export your products to eBay

Export your catalog to Rakuten

À partir de Price €499.00

Export your catalog to the platform RAKUTEN

  • Council for the creation of the account
  • Creating your file catalog to the training required
  • Customization of your price, announcements, etc.

SEO optimization level I

Price €499.00

The SEO ("SEO"), the sinews of war. 
This service allows to optimize sound SEO :

  • The site audit: analysis of errors, correction of errors, etc.
  • Verification and correction of basic errors 
  • Optimization tips
  • Audit of tags
  • Sitemap, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Console
  • Competitive analysis, etc.