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Standard online shop

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  • Standard on online store PrestaShop 1.7
  • Domain name and, 3 email addresses included.
  • PayPal, and certificate SSL for security installed.
  • Perfect to start or test a product without wasting time with the technical part.
  • Design responsive.
  • Basic SEO optimization.
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Presentation of the product

By purchasing this product, you get an online store ready for your products.
It takes 2-4 days to receive your shop (according to our charge of activity).
The purpose of our site is to provide access to e-commerce, to all beginners, and this, at a lower cost and without surprises.

Forget training for 1000 euros that promise you to win millions in thirty days: in the majority of the time, this is only "lifestyle" / "motivation" and you will only receive PDFs or meetings that revolve around words.
However, these formations may be a trigger in your efforts to change your life.

Beware, there are real online courses, which are really worth it, if you're self-taught, if you love to read, test, learn, and if you know exactly what you want. And above all,'ll need you the TIME !

For the live store demo

Prestashop demo


What you get

You will receive a store with the following characteristics:

-tone domain name (https :// www.ton-nom-de-domaine. en) previously chosen.
This single domain name will be your "virtual identity".
You can buy this domain, if it is available (you can't buy domain names that have already been purchased by other people), around 3 to 4 euros per year. Our offer includes domain for a year. Make sure you that you renew.
You can also read our article how to choose a good domain name?

- 3 domain name email addresses of your site
Hakim @ maboutique.com
contact @ maboutique.com
Mary @ maboutique.com

-a shop secure in https://
-a shop with PayPal previously installed.
-a design shop responsive : it will be properly compatible on a computer desktop, tablet or smartphone.
-one SEO optimization Basic: rewriting URL, the "google sitemap" module installed, a password protection on your site before making it public.
-the login / password to connect to your store.



What you have left to do

You will receive by mail, the connection settings.
Therefore, you can log on your site, and start adding your products, categories, coordinates, etc.
Here is a summary of the tasks you have to perform:

-Add your contact information on the site, if necessary.
-try their hand with the different tools: the shop is delivered with a set of products, categories, orders, customers, etc. to illustrate how. You can erase them once you have understood the principle of operation of the site.
-Add your categories : we recommend that you do not add too many categories. There you can guide your customer to the product with the least amount of clicks possible. In addition, a site with too many categories requires longer loading times.
-Add your productswith applied descriptions and photos: it's a stage necessary (but not sufficient) to be well positioned on Google.
-Add your Paypal address, if you wish to receive payments by Paypal.
-Add your bank details, if you wish to receive payments by bank transfer.

Your store is ready.
If you already sell on social networks, you'll have more than to redirect your customers to your shop.
If you do not have customers, we have to start to advertise, and do you know (via social networks, paid advertising, sponsorship, market place, etc.): we offer also some tools for boost your visibility on the internet.

No support is included: the site comes with the default help pages. You will find also all the help you need on the official site of Prestashop.
On this site you will find the Start Guide (how to add products, how to clear products, etc.).
If you want to avoid wasting time, we also offer training to start your online store.
It is a individual online training (a real!) shared with screen.



Technical details

If you are interested, here are the technical characteristics of the online store that will ship you.
You can compare them with other providers / suppliers / web agencies.
We felt that the following configuration is best suited to start a business online:

-Accommodation in a datacenter in France and Canada,
-Unlimited disk space, unlimited FTP, access via FTP, FTPs, sFTP, SSH, there are
-R1Soft Backup,
-Unlimited bandwidth,
-Unlimited traffic,
-Database unlimited, MariaDB,
-Account with anti-spam and Anti-Malware filter,
-DNS Anycast,
-Anti-DDoS protection,
-Anti-Malware protection,
-CPanel control panel,
-Daily backup, in a second datacenter,
-Several versions of PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby,
-Support 24/7 (via the hosting company, and not by our service).
-The price of this product included the price of hosting for a year, then it will need to renew this accommodation (€6 per month in 2019),
-8 CPU, 16 GB RAM, 16 MB/s I/O.

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