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Tax included
  • Food theme: creation pastries, cupcake, birthday cakes, presentation of recipes, sales of food products, etc.
  • Includes all the options of the online shop standard, with additional options
  • Connection to your page Instagram to display your latest photos published
  • Display of the map of your address
  • Menu and customizable pages 
  • Blog included internal
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Theme of power supply

This online shop can be used to present your products, without necessarily proposing a method of payment. 
This is ideal if you want for example, show your creations in pastries, or anything that has to do with the food industry
You can also opt for this shop if you want to take pre-orders of your clients. 
You can make dishes or pastries at the request, after receiving the payment (to set yourself on the site). 
For the payment, you can ask a settlement by Paypal, or upon delivery. 
This business of "home" is very much in vogue in recent years: the cupcakes, the layer cake, birthday cakes, the pastries Orientales, or even meals for events such as marriage or birth
On social networks, such as Facebook groups, you could do your advertising and make your products more easily, while being Professional




What you will receive with this shop online

This online store will be delivered with a few products, photos, categories to illustrate the operation of the shop. 
You can remove them in a few minutes and replace them with your products.  
You'll have all the options of the standard online shopnamely, in summary:

  • One domain name for one year (and then to renew with the host: it is about € 4 for a year, so very negligible)
  • Accommodation the site for a year, with unlimited bandwidth (then to renew with the host: it's about € 6 per month currently)
  • 3 e-mail addresses on behalf of your shop
  • one backup daily of your site by the host

In addition to these features, this shop will be delivered with additional options:

  • Display on your webshop, your latest photos published on Instagram
  • The map display Map your address: very useful if you want your clients to come pick up their goods
  • Menu customizable: color, font, layout
  • Blog integrated
  • Multilingual and Multicurrency: if ever you're going export you to the world!




What you have left to do

Then you set yourself:

  • them modes of payment : Paypal, payment by cheque and bank transfer are already installed and ready to accommodate your bank details. 
  • them modes of transport : home delivery, or back to your home, price, time, etc.
  • tone product catalog : photos, descriptions, categories (this is what should take you as much time to do)
  • tone blog If you decide to write articles, recipes, tips, or share good addresses of restaurants

Finally, we strongly advise you to write pages with original descriptions, and some nice pictures. 
Don't forget that clients are easier to complete an order if your creations are well developed. 

To start, we recommend that you read the official Prestashop Guide
It's free, and you'll find all the information to operate your store (creation of the product pages, editing products, addition of carrier or mode of payment, etc.)
Otherwise, we also offer individual guidance through our online training for Prestashop.



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