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Shop online around the world of the Bodybuilding or of the sports in general.
Ideal for the business in the field of food supplements equipment sports, etc.
This online store comes with the same features as the standard store, with additional features:

  • Menu, home page, product page, list of products page: customizable
  • Improved cart
  • Multilingual, Multicurrency
  • Colors, fonts, customizable views
  • Internal blog
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What you will receive when ordering this shop

We will deliver within 3 to 5 days (depending on the period of activity and the load of the moment), an online store with the same features as our standard online shop, with more:

  • Menus customizable : colors, fonts, formatting, layout of the menu horizontal or vertical, etc.
  • Home pages, products, list of products: customizable on the layout, colors, widget, etc.
  • A site in multilingual and Multicurrency
  • Advanced social networks: a highlighted display to gain visibility on networks
  • A home page with slides that scroll
  • The latest version PrestaShop (February 18, 2019)



What you have left to do

This shop is supplied with product pages, and categories for example.
It's a shop oriented strength training products: food supplementsAccessories Bodybuildingetc.
You can delete them and add your own products, with your descriptions and photos.
Upon receipt of the connection settings, you must therefore:

  • Add your product catalog, with pictures and descriptions
  • Configure your modes of payment (cheque, bank transfer, paypal, etc.)

To start, you can follow the official guide of Prestashop (free). This guide will tell you how to remove, add, edit products, categories, or even how to configure carriers, etc. 
The price included no support, but if you don't have the time or you don't like to read at all, you can also opt for our individual training shared screen.


Our word about the business of food supplements

You might have noticed, the gyms are springing up like mushrooms.
This offer meets a demand increasingly stronger.
Who says bodybuilding / fitness room, said dietary supplements.
In this area, it is in our view, very interesting to have a physical store, and in addition, a online store.
If you have one known or develop brand, the online store is essential: it will allow to target a wider audience, across the country, and why not international.
To boost your business, social networks will be extremely useful: the Testimonials with photos or videos will be appreciated by your clients, for example.
You can also devote a budget of ads for type product placement.
This business is already very popular, especially with resellers on Amazon: it will therefore stand out!
Finally, this is an area in the "Council": beginners customers in sport, fitness and diet will probably have tons of questions to ask you. 
If you reassure your customer, he will be likely to finalize his basket on your online store (and not another).
To do this, you can also opt for the installation of a chat online about your shop.





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