Fashion online store

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  • Shop with the characteristics of the standard online shop
  • This store is oriented around the area of the mode : Accessories, clothing, unisex, etc.
  • Several additional features are added to this store
  • 6 home pages installedcustomizable (colors, fonts, layout, etc.)
  • Menu customizable
  • Blog integrated
  • Multilingual and Multicurrency
  • Improved cart
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The shop features

This shop is in the fashion theme
It would be appropriate for the sale of accessories, from clothing, boy, girl, etc. 
The store can also serve as vacuum-dressing, for the clothes you're wearing, or even of showroom
The shop comes with several products, categories, photos pages: this will serve you an example to start and understand the operation of the shop.



What you will receive with this shop

By purchasing this product, you will receive an online store ready for your products. 
You bénéficieras the features of the standard online store, including: 
- 3 email addresses name of your site. 
-tone accommodation your site with your domain name (for a year). 
-one backup daily automatic, 
-a theme responsive
-a version of Prestashop (February 18, 2019), etc.



What you have left to do

You will receive the connection settings by mail, within 2-5 days. 
After that, we recommend login you to your back office (it's the back shop, where you just / deliberation / éditeras products, categories, etc.). If you have no knowledge of Prestashop, it will take you some time to understand how.
You will find a guide to start official Prestashop website: you will find how to add, delete, edit products or categories, etc.
Otherwise, we also offer 1 h of training by split screen
You'll then have to Add your products and categories
Take care to properly describe your products and categories: this is essential for SEO of your online store on Google. 

You also have to Configure carriers (shipping mode, the package price), and your modes of payments.
PayPal is already installed. If you already have an account, simply add your e-mail address. 
You can also offer bank transfer or payment by check.



Our advice

In this type of business, if you already have a notebook of customers (e.g. on social networks), you can easily direct them to your site, to give a more professional image. 
If you have still no customer, we have to work on advertising and make know : it takes more or less time, depending on your product you want to sell. 
If you offer creations, and it appeals to the target audience, then advertising will be easily, mouth to ear especially. 
Product by influencers placements could be extremely useful (but it requires a substantial budget).
In all cases, we advise you strongly to develop your social networksnot to mention the videos on Youtube that will be very appreciated by your future customers.
Needless to say the pictures of your products will have to highlight your products up: it is therefore essential to take a very nice photos and/or videos

This business can be successful if you a (e) Creator / Designer
If you only want to sell the clothes that no longer serve youThis store could also be helpful.
But if you're selling clothes that already exist in the current market, it be not too worth it, unless you differentiate you by the price for example (and again, it will not be enough...!) 
Finally, know that your clients will have 15 days to return a product that they don't like not (except in special cases, like custom products). 
That means a good management of your stock and returns.





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